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Anillo 84-inch Cascading Chandelier released by Meyda Custom Lighting

Meyda Tiffany
Yorkville, New York—  Anillo is a massive modern sophisticated system featuring extraordinary adjustable elements of ambient light that was recently released by Meyda Custom Lighting. Meyda is a leading American manufacturer of custom and decorative lighting.
Eliminating the power cord, our exclusive proprietary suspension system is engineered with low voltage spacecraft cables for balance, precision and a clean aesthetic.
Five stunning elliptic spectral halos appear to rotate in space and create a stunning visual effect and breathtaking drama.
This custom configurable grouping of Brass Tint finished rings reveal Faceted Crystal Idalight diffusers.
High powered, integral LEDs deliver dimmable, robust illumination, energy savings, minimal maintenance and long life.
The cascading chandelier is created in the 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Yorkville, New York.
UL and cUL listed for dry and damp locations.
About Meyda Custom Lighting
Meyda Custom Lighting is a Meyda Tiffany Company, a leading manufacturer and designer of custom and decorative lighting and Tiffany lamps.  Founded in 1974, the firm’s roots date back to the early 1900s supplying Tiffany Studios with original lighting products, including the original Coca-Cola stained glass fixtures.  
American artisan-crafted contemporary luminaires are modern marvels of engineering and design with unique elements, ranging from halo rings to atomic styled orbs. Not just limited to energy efficient LEDs, our latest offering features ultra-thin OLEDs that use nanotechnology for glare-free light and visual comfort.
Not just limited to one of a kind pieces, Meyda Custom Lighting provides scores of themes for various projects across a range of market segments. No project is too large or complex. The award-winning Chandel-Air series integrates innovative custom lighting designs and ceiling fans with lamping and control options to achieve up to five layers of light from a single fixture.
Meyda Lighting is headquartered at 55 Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville, New York. For more information, Tel. 1.800.222.4009.  Website: Email:
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