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New! Lithonia Lighting® OLWP LED SWW2 Wall Pack

New! Lithonia Lighting® OLWP LED SWW2 Wall Pack

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Introducing the All-New OLWP LED SWW2 Wall Pack!

Customize the color temperature and effortlessly automate your wall pack for dusk-to-dawn operation with the OLWP LED Wall Pack. OLWP is a sleek and durable fixture that provides bright and uniform illumination for your outdoor spaces. Whether you need to light up your driveway, entryway, or patio, the OLWP has you covered!


One of the best features of the OLWP LED Wall Pack is its push button switchable color temperature. You can choose from three different color temperatures: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (cool white), or 5000K (daylight). This allows you to customize the ambiance and mood of your outdoor environment. You can also change the color temperature anytime you want, depending on the season, time of day, or occasion.


Another great feature of the OLWP LED Wall Pack is its push button photocell. This enables you to automate your wall pack for dusk-to-dawn operation. You don’t have to worry about turning your wall pack on or off manually. The photocell will sense the ambient light level and turn your wall pack on at night and off during the day. This way, you can enjoy the convenience and security of having your outdoor areas well-lit, while saving energy and money. If you prefer not to use the dusk to dawn feature and switch the light manually, that only requires another push of the motion button to disable the photocell.


The OLWP LED Wall Pack is designed to last for years, with minimal maintenance. It replaces a 70W metal halide fixture but consumes only 18W of power and delivers 1,600 lumens. It has a polycarbonate lens that resists impact and weather damage. OLWP LED also has a 5-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

The OLWP LED Wall Pack is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their outdoor lighting with a customizable solution. It offers superior performance, flexibility, and durability, at an affordable price!

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