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New Electrical Estimating Podcast Reveals Practical Strategies for Channel Partners to Grow Market Share

New Electrical Estimating Podcast Reveals Practical Strategies for Channel Partners to Grow Market Share

IndustrySmarts, Inc
Beaverton, OR - April 18, 2024 — The ElectricSmarts Network (, dedicated to providing electrical professionals with digital solutions and product resources since 2000, introduces the 'Today's Electrical Estimating' podcast.  

This podcast provides practical insights and strategies tailored to the unique needs of contractors, distributors, and manufacturers. For those seeking to optimize their estimating processes, enhance product visibility, expand their market share, or remain informed about the latest trends, this podcast is an essential resource.
Our upcoming episodes will cover a range of topics, each tailored to the individual interests of our channel partners, ensuring engaging discussions for all:
Contractor: We will explore everything from the basics of choosing the correct estimating software to proven strategies by industry experts that can streamline your processes and mitigate risk.
Distributor: Learn how price is not always a key factor for an estimator and how third-party software can increase your quoting turnarounds while providing contractors with accurate pricing.
Manufacturer: Understand your place in this environment and how you can increase your product presence to grow your market share and create more sales opportunities in the future.
"Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses with the understanding they need to succeed in the estimating environment, either by winning more bids, creating more product presence, or becoming more efficient," remarked Christopher Trommer. "By subscribing to our podcast, listeners will gain access to a wealth of unique knowledge from our guests," added Sal Huerta.
The launch of the ElectricSmarts Network's 'Today's Electrical Estimating' podcast marks a step forward in providing tailored insights to electrical professionals across the channel. Whether you're a contractor seeking to streamline processes, a distributor aiming to enhance quoting efficiency, or a manufacturer looking to expand market presence, this podcast offers practical knowledge to achieve your goals.
The inaugural episode of 'Today's Electrical Estimating' is scheduled to air on May 3, 2024. Subscribe Here.

About 'Today's Electrical Estimating' Podcast
The estimating environment is a crucial aspect of the electrical industry that cannot be overlooked. To support channel partners in achieving their own success in this space, "Today's Electrical Estimating" podcast provides valuable insights and strategies from experienced industry leaders. The podcast is hosted by Christopher Trommer, who serves as the National Accounts Manager for the ElectricSmarts Network, and Sal Huerta, who is the Vice President of Business Development. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, our podcast will not only give you a clear understanding of this space but also actionable ideas that you can implement in your own business and career.
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