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Cyclone Lighting Introduce Lupa Luminaire

Cyclone Lighting Introduce Lupa Luminaire

Cyclone Lighting
Comfort-focused optics provide a glare-free user experience

Montreal, QC, May 01, 2024 - Cyclone Lighting (, Cyclone Lighting (, an established leader in the manufacture of outdoor luminaires, today announced that it has released its Lupa luminaire. Lupa offers modern, minimalist styling with optics that create an inviting, glare-free experience.

Lupa features a disk shape, no visible hardware, and a seamlessly integrated arm to bring a contemporary feel and refined look to public spaces. It is intended for urban landscapes such as courtyards, university and corporate campuses, urban parks, city squares, transit access, and transitional areas.

With nighttime use of public spaces on the rise, there is an emphasis on human-focused lighting that responds to the emotional need for that space to feel safe, warm, and welcoming. Lupa was intentionally designed with lower pole heights to contribute to this feeling of security. Yet, its light engine produces a gentler, more comfortable gradient for a softer look and glare-free environment.

Lupa’s light engine also features the latest ink technology in its diffuser to deliver broader, more even light distribution. Luminosity is uniform and unpixellated in appearance. City planners may choose from symmetric distribution for wide open spaces such as courtyards, asymmetric distribution for streets and alleyways, or pathway distribution for illuminating linear pedestrian routes.

Cast aluminum housing contributes to a high-quality, robust construction. Performance packages from P10 (3,260 delivered lumens) to P50 (15,880 delivered lumens) may be selected. Lupa is IP66-rated and dark sky friendly.

Full details on Lupa are available here

About Cyclone
Cyclone Lighting, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, was founded in 1999 and designs, develops, and manufactures outdoor luminaires and accessories in its production facility located north of Montreal. From its inception, Cyclone has followed a philosophy that excels in quality, performance, and durability. Cyclone Lighting continues in this direction by providing superior quality luminaires and decorative outdoor accessories and by focusing on key product strengths: photometric performance, tool-free maintenance, and a broad range of luminaire styles.
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