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Hybrid 365 Solar Area Light

Hybrid 365 Solar Area Light

NEW! Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365 introduces game-changing technology to leverage both solar and line voltage to power bright LED area lights 24/7.

Hybrid 365 has an intelligent control module that knows to switch from cost-free solar power to line voltage only when the battery is depleted.

Solera Solar Lighting’s unique all-in-one design delivers high performance, ease of installation and adjustability – unlike any other solar lighting. 

  • Exclusive long-lasting battery withstands extreme temperatures. 
  • Adjustable solar panel — multiple mounting and lens types available.
  • Fixture Operating Temperature Range = -40F to 140F. 
  • Battery Charging Temperature Range = -4F to 140F.  All backed by a 5 year warranty. 30W fixture is comparable to 250W HID.
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