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Considering converting from traditional lighting sources to LEDs?

Considering converting from traditional lighting sources to LEDs?

At Emerson, we understand that harsh industrial or hazardous environments demand reliable equipment that improves your operational performance. With today’s LED solutions offering some of the most energy efficient and reliable lighting technologies available, retrofitting your facility from legacy HID fixtures to LED versions should be a simple process.
When facilities are considering converting from traditional lighting sources to LEDs, getting buy-in from management before beginning the retrofit is a key step to assuring a successful project. So how do justify a retrofit solution for your facility?

Do you understand the following:

  • What are some ways LED lighting increases safety?
  • What kind of labor savings is realized by upgrading to LEDs?
  • How much energy can retrofitting a facility’s lighting save?
  • How easy is it to replace traditional light sources with LED luminaires?
  • How do high incidents of surge events impact LED solutions?
  • How do LED luminaires perform in extreme environments?
  • What are special considerations when installing LED luminaires in harsh industrial and hazardous locations?
  • How can facilities ensure that the LED luminaires they use for retrofits will qualify for incentives or rebates?
  • What considerations affect the selection of an LED equivalent for an HID luminaire?

Emerson — the premier manufacturer of Appleton LED luminaires in the North American market — offers a large selection of products designed to make retrofits safer, more productive, and more cost-efficient. We can assist you in custom lighting layout solutions for your facility. To better understand the most frequently asked questions concerning LED retrofits, check out our Appleton LED Lighting Retrofit FAQs.
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