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Kichler® Direct-to-Ceiling Downlights

Kichler® Direct-to-Ceiling Downlights

Introducing Kichler® Direct-to-Ceiling downlights – inspired by the trend to recess lights back in the ceiling for reduced glare, ease of installation and placement flexibility.
These ultra-slim downlights with tethered driver install near-flush to the ceiling – no J-box needed – and can be placed just about anywhere throughout a ceiling without interference.
The DtC line is comprised of 3 core platforms:
  • Slim 
  • Recessed – including a Mini-Recessed
  • Gimbal – including a Mini-Gimbal
Each of these platforms has two important features in common:

  • Remote/Tethered Driver – Having the driver separate yet connected not only allows for the fixtures to be ultra-sleek in terms of size but allows for greater fixture placement throughout a ceiling. Because there is no need for a separate, mounted J-box, the fixtures can be installed just about anywhere Romex can reach with little worry of Joists or HVAC causing disruption in a pattern.
  • Spring Clips – With a hole cut, and the tethered driver wired and placed where desired, the next step is to let the spring clips do the work. Line them up with the hole and let them secure the fixture to the drywall. No screws, no twisting, no extra steps – just snap in and go.
What does this mean? – For the installer: establish ceiling hole, wire, snap in with the spring clips.
And builders/developers get the look customers want.
We make retrofitting easy
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