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Littelfuse Launches 1500 Volt Solar String Fuse and Holder Rated 35 to 60 Amperage

Littelfuse Launches 1500 Volt Solar String Fuse and Holder Rated 35 to 60 Amperage

The 1500 V dc SPXV series solar string fuses, with 35 to 60 amperage, protect photovoltaic (PV) installations from overloads and short circuits to minimize damage to solar panels. These 20 x 127 mm fuses are designed to integrate into an LFXV15 fuse block and cover holder.

With available ampere ratings up to 60 A, more solar fuse strings can be pre-combined to reduce the number of inputs into combiner boxes, thereby decreasing installation time and labor costs. Other key benefits of the 35 to 60 amperage solar SPXV series solar fuses include:

  • Higher amperage protection in less space for increased design flexibility
  • Full range, fast-acting properties to help protect against common low-overload and short-circuit faults
  • Meets UL 248-19 and IEC 60269-6 photovoltaic fuse standard requirements
  • Product labels with QR codes offering real-time access to part numbers, voltage, programming terms, and date codes to save time with product replacements and inventorying
LFXV15 series fuse block and cover holder benefits include:

  • A dead-front cover that offers personnel protection
  • Ventilated design to keep fuse running cooler, even at high ambient temperatures and current ratings, to increase fuse longevity
  • Narrower width to accommodate more blocks in a panel to maximize space
  • Easy fuse removal and replacement to minimize maintenance time. No tools required.
  • 35 mm DIN-rail mounting option for quick assembly and installation
  • Compatibility with Littelfuse SPXV 20 x 127 mm solar fuses rated 35-60 amperes
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