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ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System

ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System

Improve occupant comfort and boost energy efficiency with the ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System. The customizable smart system helps building owners create dynamic, code-compliant indoor environments that optimize natural light and support business needs.

Take the hassle out of commercial lighting installations with the contractor-focused ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System from Intermatic. The customizable smart solution combines a suite of smart controllers and sensors with an intuitive mobile app to create dynamic lighting control environments that improve energy efficiency and promote occupant comfort. ARISTA's simple workflows empower installers of all technology backgrounds to integrate impressive, code-compliant lighting control in a wide range of indoor applications.

ARISTA is quick to set up and easily scalable. including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, in-wall dimmers and room controllers, which can be either hardwired or wirelessly installed for communication via a Bluetooth® mesh network. The robust lighting control system can be installed in indoor spaces up to 10,000 ft2 and is ideal for offices, restaurants, schools, municipal buildings, retail stores and more.
Wireless Lighting Control for the Workplace
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