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New Sunnata Family Expansion

New Sunnata Family Expansion

The latest aesthetic from Lutron, Sunnata, is now a compliment of solutions for the entire residence. Sunnata LED+ dimmer can control incandescent, halogen, and dimmable LED loads. Sunnata PRO LED+ dimmer is phase-selectable and dims ELV & MLV loads, in addition to incandescent and halogen. Sunnata switch provides on/off control for non-dim applications in a matching aesthetic. Experience Sunnata for yourself.

Sunnata dimmers are the next generation of design and technology:

  • Touch or swipe the light bar to set your lights
  • Soft glow helps you find in the dark
  • Lights gradually fade on and off
  • Matching look and feel in multiple locations
  • MyLevel personalization gives you the ability to customize your Sunnata touch dimmer

The Sunnata LED+ dimmer (STCL-153M) is an ideal solution for the control of LEDs.

  • Features our LED+ technology, which provides superior dimming of LED, incandescent, and halogen lighting
  • No neutral or special temperature wiring required
  • The new Accessory switch (ST-AS) has a matching look and can provide switching control of the main Sunnata LED+ dimmer in up to 9 additional locations

The Sunnata PRO LED+ dimmer (ST-PRO-N) is the go-to option for the contractor looking to provide a beautiful control for whatever load-type may face them on the job.

  • PRO LED+ advanced technology for superior dimming of LED, halogen, incandescent, MLV and ELV lighting
  • RTISS™ Technology compensates in real time for in-coming line voltage variations and perceived load flicker
  • Identical Companion dimmers (ST-RD) provide multilocation dimming in up to 4 additional locations, with each location having a light bar
  • Neutral required

The Sunnata switch (ST-6ANS) rounds out the family, a switch solution in the Sunnata aesthetic to provide consistent looking controls throughout the home.

  • For non-dim applications including lighting and small motor loads
  • Identical Companion switches (ST-RS) provide on/off control in up to 4 additional locations, with each location having a locator light
  • Neutral required

Sunnata LED+ dimmer is available now in electrical distribution. Sunnata PRO LED+ dimmer and Sunnata switch will be shipping in January 2022.
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