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EVERLINE’s LED Volumetric Fixture with Selectable Wattage and CCT (VGB)

EVERLINE’s LED Volumetric Fixture with Selectable Wattage and CCT (VGB)

The newest member of Universal Douglas’ EVERLINE family of commercial LED products, the EVERLINE VGB Volumetric LED Fixture is the industry’s most flexible, affordable solution for drop ceilings, most often seen in office buildings. Lighting design contractors and distributors can now reduce the amount of inventory they must keep on hand. The new VGB Volumetric LED Fixture comes with a feature that allows you to select different CCT and Wattage options, for a total of nine different combinations per fixture. Available with Universal Voltage and in 1’x4’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ recessed fixtures, the EVERLINE VGB also offers an optional microwave sensor and Bluetooth controls and sensors which allow for easy integration with the Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Ecosytem.

This fixture is designed for recessed, lay-in applications.  All sizes have a low-profile construction for easy handling, a wiring compartment that fits fully within the vertical profile, and a removable, top-side access plate for convenient wiring.  They are also equipped with integral grid hooks and auxiliary suspension points for slack wire mounting.
The EVERLINE VGB fixtures comes with a five-year limited warranty, backed by more than 75 years of experience and innovation in reliable analytics, energy efficiency, and sustainability. In addition, these products are corrosion and scratch resistant, have 0-10V LED driver with aux power and dim-to-off features, as well as a low loss center basket style diffuser.

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